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Thank you for taking an interest in this ministry and for exploring our website! We have been living and serving in Guatemala City since June of 2012. Though the years continue to accumulate, there seems to be an ever expanding amount of both need and new areas for ministering to the wonderful people of Guatemala.

Our principle area of ministry is Gospel focused and can be observed in either one of the two Anglican Churches we have been blessed to have planted. The first on is within the Guatemala City dumpsite and the second one is within the middle-class neighborhood of Miraflores. While the differences between the congregants could not be more extreme, they both share the same feelings of brokenness as well as a desire to know Christ Jesus in a more complete and fulfilling way.

However, through personal observation, and at the dire urging of those in need, we soon realized that we also had to step out of the church's four walls in striving to meet the humanitarian needs of a struggling and hurting population. This is specifically where the work of "A Mission Challenge" comes in to play. Due to a plethora of reasons, Guatemala is perpetually plagued by natural disasters such as mudslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts and seasonal pandemics. And do to the unique ecclesiastical situations in Guatemala, local churches rarely corporate and pull their resources together in trying to meet the needs of those in crises. 

Working through A Mission Challenge allows for us to better help those in their darkest hours unencumbered by denominational restrictions or bureaucratic red tape. Since you are already here, please take a few moments to explore our continually updating website to better understand who we are and what A Mission Challenge is doing throughout the highlands of Guatemala. Being completely self-funded, we are always looking for people wanting to partner with us either on long or short-term projects or on specific individual projects. Please contact us for more information or to suggest an area where you are looking for a chance to serve.

Thanks again for your time, interest and please continually check back for new updates!

UPDATE: New Mission VIDEO - Damaris' vision

   (English to come soon)

If you can help, IM us or email: or visit our "Donate" page.

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