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"Preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.' II Tm. 4:2

Alotenango, Guatemala

I would like to say, "THANK YOU," to all who donated and kept this ministry before the Lord in prayer over the past few weeks as we prepared for this very special THANKS service for the survivors of the Fuego volcano eruption. We never imagined that we would be able to bless so many families in such an important way. Just as incredible, was the response from all those within the community. For their strength, courage, resiliency and appreciation is beyond measure. It is both their tears and their smiles which continue to inspire us to serve them with all our love and empathy. May the good Lord bless each of you for your sacrifice in loving these least amongst us.

We're well into the second phase in assisting our dear brothers and sisters who survived the Fuego volcano eruption back in June. They continue to receive psychological help and spiritual counseling. However, they still need your prayers and help.

We've had various people asking how they can help. So here is Doña Consuelo telling you in her own words. (Or for those who slept through high school Spanish class: She's thanking everyone who has helped while also sharing that they still need lots BLANKETS along with POTS and PANS). If you can help, IM us or email: revdanacraft@gmail.com or visit our "Donate" page.

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In this clip, you'll listen to how the lava came down through the stalks of corn, catching everyone by surprise. No one imagined that this eruption would be drastically different than the hundreds of others. She speaks about screaming for people to run but no one believed her. She even shares how she wanted to call others in her family but her cell didn't have any time left on it. Our dear sister also shared with us (in another clip) about her family's loss (50+ members) while also addressing the larger numbers who are still unaccounted. She mentioned that in 2014, there were approx 8500 living within her village. Yet there less than 4000 between those staying in shelters and those whose remains have been recovered. This means that there are ~4000 still missing

(RT) This is the first team we have sent to the recovery area where the survivors are being treated. (LFT) Thanks to all those who have begun to donate underwear and diapers to give to the victims.