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Tragic Night at the Orphanage
Virgen de la Asunción,San Jose Pinula 

I would like to​ inform you of some very sad news from over the past 24 hrs. In a small town only 10mins from our home in San Cristobal, a tragic arson took place in the early morning hours yesterday (See link below). The government has declared three days of national mourning along with an investigation, which means absolutely nothing down here.

They now know that there were over 800 children ranging from 2 weeks to 18 years of age all crowed together under the harshest of conditions. The fire was precipitated by a riot/escape earlier in the same night. The details seem to lead to the conclusion that the older girls did not start the fire but that those charged with caring for the residents did so in order to scare them and teach them a lesson. Today's newspaper revealed that all the doors and windows were locked from the outside.

This tragedy never should have occurred and, one many levels, it was easy to see coming. (Having more than double the amount of occupants/mixing children who were in protective custody with those who were known criminals and gang members, etc.) However, no matter how painful this event is, I pray that the focus is not lost on the fire itself as it is merely a symptom of a larger and far more dangerous underlying condition...which actually is the loss of the sanctity of human life. People have no value for the lives of others, let alone their own.

​If they do not know who they are (Gen. 1:27; cf. Ps. 8) there is no way for them to know who God is either. This leaves them to, literally, fend for themselves as they search-out false relief in ​politics, liberation-theology and a harsh and graceless form of legalism within the churches. The result is these beautiful and wonderful people are facing great storms and huge waves of pain, anxiety and hopelessness daily and all without having the Anchor of Christ firmly held to the bottom.

Please keep the people of Guatemala in your ever present prayers before the Lord our God. -The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective, James 5:16.

Here is an official news link to the story: (Click Here)

​En Cristo,
Rev. Dana+​

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Our beloved Brothers & Sisters, we are still fighting for our kids within the Guatemala City dump because they deserve all that we can do to help. And the Lord we confess calls upon us to help the widow and the orphan (James 1:27). Join with us in sharing the joy as we look for those willing to sponsor a child for the upcoming year.

Click on the Christian Broadcasting Network's logo, at left, to listen and read an article produced on the church plant within the Guatemala City dump. Many thanks to Emily Jones.

Would you be willing to minister to a group of people that lives in a city dump? What if it also meant constantly putting your life at risk because of crime? And what if you did this in Guatemala? In this episode, I sit down with Pastor Dana Craft, founder of A Mission Challenge. Dana and his wife, Damaris, have dedicated their lives to reaching the poorest of the poor in Guatemala’s City Dump with the gospel.

To better understand why this topic matters, Dana and Jonathan discuss the hardships the people in Guatemala’s city dump face day in and day out. You will gain perspective on the challenges associated with ministering to these people. You will also hear how God uniquely shaped Dana’s life by taking him through an incredible life-threatening struggle only to turn his career into a completely different direction.

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(BELOW)   Damaris preaching in Faro Church, Southern California in October.

"Our ministry is to preach the Word of Christ Jesus while bringing the liberating grace of Reformed Theology to the pastors, leaders and people of Guatemala!"

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