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"Preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.' II Tm. 4:2

Here is Damaris arriving at our dear sister's makeshift shelter after the fire, she is trying to protect her baby.

Aqui llega Damaris a la casa hecha de laminas improvisada, que nuestra querida Hermana ha hecho despues del incendio para proteger a su bebe

(Abajo Español)
At the Dumpsite today,  Damaris discovered that another fire had raged through and destroyed 90+ of the makeshift dwellings. Our sister (pictured above) lost everything. She only has a salvaged mattress placed under some corrugated aluminum sheeting. Other than this, she and her two children and younger sister are completely exposed to the harsh elements. Please keep this young family in your prayers while remembering that there will be no assistance from the government nor are their currently any NGOs to help. It will be up to the community of believers to come to her aid.

Esto sucedio hoy en el Basurero, Damaris descubrio otro incedio que ha destruido muchas casas de los hnos. Nuestra querida hermana, (fotos ariba) perdio todo lo que tenia. Ella solo tiene un colchon que ha colocado abajo de un techo improvisado hecho de algunas laminas. Ademas de esto, ella tiene dos ninos y una hermana joven que estan completamente expuestas a la interperie. Porfavor oren por estas familias jovenes y que el Gobierno realmente ayude o alguna ONG pueda ayudar.

Update below:

Reconstruction: In the top two pictures you can see one of our young single mothers standing with her daughter on the barren ground which used to be her home. The bottom set of images show the rebuilding of her home in the following weeks. We were blessed to work on over 40 dwellings over the following weeks. Tragically, everyone knows this was not the last fire and that more will come. But there is nothing they can do. Please keep this community in your prayers!

Here in an example of how our family are living within the Guatemala City dumpsite. This sister has lived in the dump for her entire life...thus, her home is one of the most livable. Yet, rain and highly contaminated waste water enter her home daily.

The clip of the second home is more typical for those living in the dumpsite.